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Josh Fuller

Hi everyone! My name is Joshua Fuller. I’ve been in Real Estate since 2011. I started my real estate career once I completed my service within the United States Army. I’m proud to have served multiple tours of Airborne Infantry service overseas. Now I’m happy to be back from my duty station of Anchorage Alaska, helping my fellow Texans!

Before Starting, This Veteran Buys Houses, I owned and managed my own construction company and Landscaping company. Being an entrepreneur enabled me to really understand construction and repair costs and the work and the time that goes into repairing or remodeling a house.

I’ve worked with contractors from all over the DFW area and found it to be a challenge to find contractors that can truly be trusted. Now I focus on helping sellers who want to avoid dealing with contractors and the remodeling process.

What I like most about our This Veteran Buys Houses team is giving Veterans and First responders a place where we are all welcome and free to start serving our community again. 

To have a career that lets us serve and be a part of a brotherhood like most of us look for after our time in service. Helping homeowners sell their house with dignity, respect, and a fair offer.

Helping others is what it’s all about! I also love being involved in the remodeling process. Many of our clients’ love seeing the completed project of their old properties! It’s a satisfying and fulfilling process for all involved!



Hi everyone! My name is Zack Fix. I’ve always been interested in Real Estate. So, with my background as a Firefighter/EMT, I wanted to work with a company that had the same standards as myself but was also in the business of buying houses. I started my real estate career recently once my Fiancée and I moved to the area.

I’m proud to say I’m a Fightin’ Texas Aggie Firefighter Graduate, Class 161, and have been serving my local community for the last 5 years on either an ambulance or a fire engine.

Being there for someone on their worst day has been my job and duty to the community which is what I like most about working with the This Veteran Buys Houses team. 

Helping homeowners sell painlessly and getting out of life-altering situations and ultimately being there for them on their worst days

Zack Fix
Jeremy Miller

Hi everyone! My name is Jeremy Miller. I’ve been in Real Estate since 2016. I am a Husband, a Father, a US Navy Aviation Veteran, former Aircraft Mechanic/Electrician and Engineer. I spent the previous 17 years of my career supporting our nation’s military units across the globe, maintaining, overhauling, and manufacturing military aircraft and helicopters. My time now is dedicated to serving our community alongside my fellow veterans, real estate entrepreneurs, first responders, and like minded solutions oriented teammates to help people through their hardships.

I grew up in an inner city town just north of Philadelphia in what most people would consider the ghetto. Hardships were something I seemed to have found around every corner. Spending the majority of my childhood and teenage years figuring out how to escape the grips of poverty, I joined the Navy at 18 and set out on a new journey to serve my country. Little did I know it would turn into a time of global war.

I realized a skillset early on in life of the ability to be resourceful when my back was up against the wall and all odds seemed to be against me. In my aviation career it came in handy solving complex technical problems under pressure, but I found myself becoming burned out by the constant demand required of me within the industry.

In 2012, after a series of layoffs and hard times, I set out to fulfill a greater purpose, to do what I loved, and felt most passionate about. 4 years later I began the journey of helping people overcome similar hardships. Although most of them revolve around real estate, the heart of the matter is truly making a difference in someone’s life. Connecting with compassion, empathy, and understanding, we create ripple effects that set people in motion to rise up from the ashes of their circumstances, and pave the way for a brighter future.

What I love about our team and company culture here at TVBH is that we all stand unified with a goal of providing honest, trustworthy, and creative solutions to people who are experiencing the same hardships we faced in life.

Though in our hardships we can be devastated, they give us strength and wisdom to draw from, and refine in us the characteristics to stand in the face of adversity. Lastly, I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes that has helped me think outside of my circumstances and find strength within them.

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an Extraordinary destiny!”
– C.S. Lewis
I look forward to working with you, and providing the best solutions to your circumstances. Until then, be blessed!