Company: This Veteran Buys Houses

Role: Acquisitions

Work Location: South of I-30 In West Fort Worth
Job Types: Full-time, Contract
Pay: $60,000.00 – $150,000.00 per year
Experience Required: 1-2 years direct experience

Job description

Have you ever wondered about Investment Real Estate? Wanted to get in but haven’t found the right company? Are you looking for a company that has a culture that thrives on helping others, having fun in Real Estate, and paying you what you deserve?
This Veteran Buys Houses is exactly that. We have a great team of support, sales, leaders, and a mission behind us.

We are looking for the best of the best. We focus our company on having the right person for the job because we believe it’s better to have a Special Forces team of highly motivated team members rather than just anyone to fill the spot. That’s why we pay more, train you, have leads ready for you to call, and have a leadership team to ensure your success.

At This Veteran Buys Houses we purchase distressed properties and wholesale them to other investors, to our Flipping department, Buy and Hold, and Owner finance. Your job will be to buy the properties by calling on the leads we have, taking live transfer calls from inbound leads and call center, and Networking.

We are 100% commission based (NO CAP) for a reason. We have pay and bonus structures set up so that not only do you do well from the beginning but as you make more sales in the month that % goes up! My entire goal is to get you well past the 6 figures mark and make a difference in your life.
If you are driven, a closer, a self-motivated team player who just needs the right environment then look no further and apply today!

What is required?

• Transportation
• Cell Phone
• Coachable
• Driven and Motivated
• Phone and computer skills
• People Skills
• Integrity
• Being able to follow up
• Being able to build rapport and overcoming objections
• Working in a CRM (We will teach that)
• Some form of sales
• English (Bi-Lingual, Spanish is a plus)
• No license is required